Sona Creamery

March 8, 2014

Sona Creamery DCJ: Do you know how I knew Sona was going to be really good?

K: How?

J:  It smelled pretty funky.  Good cheese always smells pretty funky.

K:  Remember the Limburger cheese incident from college?  I don’t remember much from 15 years ago, but that memory is crystal clear.  You said if it smelled that funky, it had to taste good.  Not so.  It smelled terrible and tasted worse.  To top it off, my dorm room smelled like Lindberger cheese for months after – ack.

J:  No, your dorm room smelled like a corpse.  I didn’t learn much that semester (sorry Mom and Dad) but I did learn that not all funky smelling cheese tastes good.  However, all good cheese smells funky.  Let’s call that a life lesson.  At any rate, Sona smelled delightfully of good cheese.

K:  True that.  By the way, sometimes you smell like Limburger.

J: You love it.

No Limburger at Sona (at least that we could smell).  Instead, Sona provides a well-curated selection of cheeses, with well-balanced and surprisingly creative accoutrements.  For instance, we loved the fresh, cream butter with rock salt and flavorless pop rocks (K: It was like a party in my mouth!)

But Sona is so much more than a cheese shop.  Instead, it is a perfect urban picnic (J: And no blanket necessary).  Lots of options of small plates of little bites.  Full of flavor, perfect for leisurely grazing, either for a group or a romantic pair (J: Romance does not have to be limited to a pair.  K is such a hater.).  That said, a few more vegetarian options would be a welcome addition.

Friends selected the wine – a Vouvray and a Cotes du Rhone – both of which were very reasonably priced and paired delightfully with the cheese.

Although Sona is new to the neighborhood it already feels quintisentially Capitol Hill and that is a function of the wonderful owners and staff.

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