April 6, 2014

J: I don’t love beer. I want to love beer. But I only like it.

K: Why do you want to love beer?

J: It is so much cheaper than wine. Right now, I only pick my beer on how much I like the label.
K: Ummm…isn’t that how you largely pick wine too? At any rate, are you now open to the idea that there may be beers that are better than Natty Bo?

J: I really do like the little Natty Bo dude. But, the sample size option and descriptions at Bluejacket are enough for even me to find a beer I love.

Bluejacket is a welcome new addition to the Southeast Waterfront, with convenient access to Nationals stadium. The space and location make it a great place to hangout, whether it is happy hour, pre- or post-game, or weekend brunch. The brewery has a stylish, warehouse kind of vibe that is pretty rare in D.C. It is light and airy in the day, dark and raucous in the evening. No matter what time of day, Bluejacket is laidback and inviting.

Having been for both drinks and brunch, Bluejacket doesn’t have a lot of vegetarian options. But, what it does have is great.

For brunch, they were extremely accommodating. The veggie burger was homemade, with a somewhat unique mix of black bean, chickpea, and farro. Not only where they more than willing to serve it sans bun over mixed greens, they even offered to substitute the veggie burger in the delicious loco moco, a pacific island-inspired dish served over rice and with mushroom gravy.

As for beer accompaniments, there is a good mix of pub favorites and veggie sides, such as mac and cheese, shaved brussel sprouts with pecorino, and honey glazed carrots. Still, a few more options would be an appreciated addition.

The beer list is immense, with something for everyone…including those wine lovers (try the Arsonist). The beers, all made in house, are expertly crafted and served, at exactly the right temperature and glass. For being so persnickety, the folks at Bluejacket have at the same time injected fun and whimsy into their beers, apparent in names such as the Black Eye, the Bully Pulpit, and the Twit.

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