D.C. Coast

May 2, 2014

Although we have lived in D.C. for a while, we have very few “go-to” spots. The restaurant that tops our list is D.C. Coast.

On its face, D.C. Coast doesn’t seem like it would be a strong contender for the top “go-to” for a vegetarian couple that (self-delusionally) views itself as (kind of) young and (kind of) hip. It is a seafood restaurant that has been around a while and caters largely to the downtown lunch crowd.

The key is D.C. Coast’s ingenious reverse happy hour. Beginning at 9:30pm, D.C. Coast serves cocktails (including delicious martinis and mules), wine, and beer at a heavy discount at the bar. The drinks are tremendous, accompanied with the great service and witty repartee of the always delightful bartenders.

D.C. Coast typically has a few vegetarian options on the menu, along with two off-menu items. The restaurant always offers a chef’s choice vegetarian pasta and a vegetable plate consisting of a selection of seasonal sides. And save room for the souffle, which changes on a daily basis.

It may not be the most innovative or exciting restaurant, but D.C. Coast’s strength is that the drinks, food, and service are always reliably superb – and what makes it the perfect go-to spot.

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