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D.C. Coast May 2, 2014 Although we have lived in D.C. for a while, we have very few “go-to” spots. The restaurant that tops our list is D.C. Coast. On its face, D.C. Coast doesn’t seem like it would be a strong contender for the top “go-to” for a vegetarian couple that (self-delusionally) views itself as […]

Bluejacket April 6, 2014 J: I don’t love beer. I want to love beer. But I only like it. K: Why do you want to love beer? J: It is so much cheaper than wine. Right now, I only pick my beer on how much I like the label. K: Ummm…isn’t that how you largely […]

DGS Delicatessen March 29, 2014 J: Do you know what I yearn for? K: Me? J: How bad is it if I say no? K: Ummm… J: The (Feuben) (fake Reuben) at DGS. K: I guess I yearn for red wine…like all the time. The city has surprisingly few delis, making DGS a welcome addition to […]

Fainting Goat February 1, 2014 A Saturday night, the restaurant was packed with groups of young, attractive D.C-ers (J: I don’t think that’s a word. K: Even Shakespeare made up words. Just go with it. J: You ain’t no Shakespeare…). If it were merely the drinks, people watching, and ambience, the Fainting Goat would have been a pretty […]

El Rey January 31, 2014 J: What’s cooler than getting some tacos and margaritas at El Rey on a Friday night? K: What? J: Well, in January, nothing. Oooh, so pun-ny. K: Not sure about that. J: At least a double-entendre. Despite the largely outdoor seating and a frigid evening (haven’t they all been this winter?), El Rey […]


No Website – January 23, 2014 K: This post is about the only worthwhile reason to have a car in DC. J: Visiting my parents in Richmond? K: (Seeming flustered) Um, yeah, sure – that too…but no one wants to read about that (nice save). It is Yechon, the 24-7 Korean BBQ joint in Annandale. […]

Sona Creamery March 8, 2014 J: Do you know how I knew Sona was going to be really good? K: How? J:  It smelled pretty funky.  Good cheese always smells pretty funky. K:  Remember the Limburger cheese incident from college?  I don’t remember much from 15 years ago, but that memory is crystal clear.  You said […]

Smoke And Barrel DC March 5, 2014 Stage setting: Long week. Edit:  Couple very long weeks.  Mid-week, a little break.  Where to go? Comfort food.  J says veggie burgers.  K says martinis (after all, do we really need food?). The compromise?  Smoke and barrel, the perfect combination of bar (for K) and bar food (for J).  The spin? Very pro-veggie food, particularly for a bar – […]

Iron Gate February 28, 2014 Recently re-opened, the Iron Gate has two seating options.  First come, first serve at the somewhat covered carriage house which houses a bar and a handful of tables, or tasting menu in the dining room. Unable to get a convenient reservation (and dying to try it out), we settled for the carriage house. […]

Table  February 27, 2014 For recently being named the Best New Restaurant by Washington City Paper, Table was refreshingly…unfussy. A small number of tables, no big crowds (at least the weekday evening we were there), and low-key and helpful staff gives Table the feel of a favorite neighborhood spot.  At the same time, the backdrop almost […]