Pizza Bolis

Later in the Evening of February 27, 2014

Walking in, I expected the familiarity of the embrace from an old friend.  Granted, it is a friend who I sometimes regret meeting the morning after.  What I didn’t expect was the result of a nice renovation which consisted of beautiful Mediterranean styled tile work laid intricately on the floor.  I may be mistaken, but I can almost see the light touch of designer Zoe Feldman in the decision to move the soda refrigerator from its previous perch to its new location about 5 feet away on the adjacent wall.

Seemingly small changes that contributed to an almost electric atmosphere.

Few locations allow the opportunity to rub shoulders with drunk college students, police officers, Architects of the Capitol employees, Hill staffers, and whatever it is I am.  But, Boli’s offers all of that as well as a slice of cheese pizza lovingly packaged in a delightfully colored box along with a can of ginger ale for the measly sum of $3.50.  While I thoroughly enjoyed the experience at Table, this additional (sub-) $4 expense really elevated my perceived level of satisfaction.