Smoke And Barrel DC

March 5, 2014

Stage setting: Long week. Edit:  Couple very long weeks.  Mid-week, a little break.  Where to go? Comfort food.  J says veggie burgers.  K says martinis (after all, do we really need food?).

The compromise?  Smoke and barrel, the perfect combination of bar (for K) and bar food (for J).  The spin? Very pro-veggie food, particularly for a bar – veggie wings, veggie chili nachos, veggie ribs, and lots of veggie-friendly sides.

The buffalo wings were satisfying, albeit a little bit chewy.  The buffalo wings are made of texturized soy (the ribs are made of seitan) and there are lots of options on rubs and sauces.  Most importantly, it is rare for vegetarians to experience the sublime pleasure of “meat” on a stick.  On this, Smoke and Barrel was right on target.

The second course of our bar dinner consisted of veggie chili nachos.  The heaping nachos – the sheer size of which was so large, we only made it through about a quarter of the plate – were yummy and gooey with all of the fixings.  Smoke and Barrel also offers an array of good beers to wash it all down.

J: OMG.  I can’t believe I ate “satan” on the first day of lent.

K: It is seitan, not satan.

J :  Nevertheless, I need holy water!

K (as she passes her beer over to J):  Here you go.

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