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January 23, 2014

K: This post is about the only worthwhile reason to have a car in DC.

J: Visiting my parents in Richmond?

K: (Seeming flustered) Um, yeah, sure – that too…but no one wants to read about that (nice save). It is Yechon, the 24-7 Korean BBQ joint in Annandale. The only thing that shines brighter than the neon lights lining the entire restaurant is my smile after eating there.

Although the centerpiece of its lengthy menu are barbecue and noodle dishes featuring meat and fish, Yechon’s few vegetarian dishes are soothing, almost heartening.

An off-menu request, the vegetable bibimbap in the hot stone bowl with tofu is sublime, particularly on a cold winter night. The hot stone bowl perfectly toasts the rice and cooks the veggies; mixed together with Yechon’s hot sauce, the dish is the ultimate comfort food.

Add to dinner a variety of veggie-friendly accompaniments – including the delicious kimchi – a large bottle of beer to be shared, and friendly servers that remind us a whole lot of mom (if she were Korean), the whole experience is, well, soul-affirming.

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